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My guess is that you have been reading up on healthy living or that you love cooking? Maybe you have seen the Ninja Blender infomercial on TV? Or perhaps you want to get started on healthy living? Well, those were the reasons I got to know about Ninja blenders and I have been hooked ever since.

There are so many good brands of blenders and kitchen aids out on the market, so why is it that the Ninja mixers seems to be gaining more and more popularity lately? If you have any read Ninja blender reviews then you might have gotten the impression they are best blenders available. Are they really that good?

Read this and find out… Plus find out where to buy Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500 for the best price and the special bonus at the end….

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The Ninja Blender Reviews

The company has several types of blenders to suit your budgets and lifestyles. But the one that I use and recommend you do too, if healthy living is your ultimate goal, is the Ninja 3-in-1 Mega Kitchen System.

The unique features of Ninja Mixers:

  • The patented Ninja Blade cutting technology. This what makes your smoothies smooth…
  • Some models comes with food processors. These can slices and dices vegetables into any size. Make dough and some can even make healthy ice cream…
  • Its high power allows you to crush ice, blend frozen fruit, and puree smoothly…
  • The pitcher is BPA free (Very important to stay healthy and avoid cancer)…
  • Firm grip on the handle, making it easy to remove lid without it being slippery…
  • 5 Year warranty (specific models, and only when purchased from the official website)…

Here’s a list of different blenders the Ninja Kitchen has to offer;

We start with weakest and work our way to the best and most price worthy one, let’s get started with our Ninja Blender comparison…

Ninja® Kitchen System Pulse (Model: BL200)
inja Pulse BL200 Kitchen System
  • Cheap
  • 2 single serving cups
  • Food processor
  • Can make dough and ice cream
  • BPA free
  • Only 700 watts
  • Small pitcher
  • Small food processor bowl
  • Weaker than other models

This is the weakest of the Ninja blenders. It is only 700 watts and comes with less features than the other models. It is cheaper but if you are going to buy a good blender then why not pay a little more and get something that is 10 times better?

This single-serving blender comes with a 48-oz pitcher and 2 of 16-oz cups. It doesn’t have the 78-oz pitcher like the other model so it is more suitable for smaller family or a couple.

It does come with a 40-oz food processor bowl which is handy as it can be use for slicing, shredding and making dough. It is not a bad blender/food processor, it just that you get so much more when you buy a big model like the 1500 watts one.

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Ninja® Professional 1100/1200 Watts (Model: BL660)
Ninja Professional Blender Kitchen System 1100 watts and 1200 watts
  • Powerful
  • 2 single serving cups
  • 78-oz pitcher
  • Can crush ice
  • BPA free
  • Expensive
  • No food processor bowl
  • 1200 watts model is out of production
  • No coupon or discounts


This blender is more powerful than the previous model being 1100 watts (1200 watts model is out of production). This makes it a powerful machine that you can expect to blend anything from ice to whole vegetables. It comes with a big 78-oz pitcher and two single serve cups, which are great for when you are on the go.

So why is this model recommended? For one, it doesn’t come with any food processing bowl. This means you can only use it as a blender. Secondly for only $39 more you get the 1500 watts model which is more powerful AND can be used as a food processor.

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Ninja® Mega Kitchen System 1500-Watts (Model: BL770)
Ninja mega kitchen system 1500 reviews
  • Very Powerful Blender
  • Cheap for what it does
  • Food Processor & dough maker
  • Can make delicious ice cream
  • Big if you only need a small blender
  • Makes you want to eat ice cream
  • A little noisy because of its big engine

This Ninja mixer is a complete system of a 1500-watts operated motor with the patented Ninja blade cutting technology, 72 oz pitcher, 64 oz of food processor bowl, 2 of the 16 oz serving cups. This is a multi-tasking and powerful blender that also functions as a food processor. This particular model is the Ninja blender as seen on TV one.

It can even make ice cream that is really creamy. Make sure to follow the Ninja recipes for healthy ice cream, so you stay in great shape. These ice creams are bit addictive, you have been warned :).

It comes with all the great features that the Ninja Kitchen is known for.

  • Dishwasher safe…
  • BPA-free…
  • Great warranty (when buying from authorized dealers)…

I highly recommend this blender because even though it is slightly more expensive than the other models (only $39 when you use the special discount link) it can do SO MUCH more.

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Make Healthy and Tasty Smoothies with Ease

You’ve probably heard or read something about drinking freshly-made smoothies and how healthy it is. You can see that we dedicate a big part of our blog to healthy and yummy smoothie recipes. This is to help you get started and have a lot of ideas on how to do it in your regular daily life because trust me, it will be worth it.

The Ninja smoothie maker can take your healthy living to a whole new level…

Particularly when you own the Ninja Mega Kitchen System, you will be able to;

  • Make a healthy juice with all the nutritious pulp in. With this mixer, you can simply throw the whole fruits, veggies, and some ice cubes in. (With that said, this might not be the best appliance for those of you who like your juice pulp-free. This is not a juicer as some reviews of Ninja blender suggests.)
  • With the Ninja food processor healthy cooking becomes easier and more delicious. I leave all the tedious works to the blender to take care of whether it’s mincing, chopping, grinding, or blending the ingredients.

The Ninja Blender Prices

The Ninja Blender price depends on the mentioned models. It ranges from $99 – $200, which is a reasonable price range in my opinion. A lot of us might consider buying a premium blender like a Vitamix but still hesitate because of the whopping price tag (one of those costs well over $500).

It is quite an impressive blender. However, for those of you who are just getting started on this whole food eating (outsourcing the chewing part to the blender), Ninja Blenders will do quite amazing jobs at half the price.

If you wish to read the comparison between Vitamix vs Ninja blenders, click here!

Another blender that often gets compared with Ninja Mega System is the Nutribullet simply for its design and the horse power (single serving pitcher is what they have in common. Click here to read the complete comparison between the two.

The Ninja Blender Reviews

Where To Buy Ninja Blenders?

I recommend buying them from the trusted sites such as the Ninja blender’s official website and big merchant sites like The reasons for that are;

  • You get the real Ninja Blenders and not cheap replicas from some shady sites.
  • You get the money back guarantee and the 1-5 year warranty *depending on the models.
  • You get the most competitive prices from the trusted sites providing you actually get the real Ninja mixer of course.

If you are buying a Ninja blender then you should get the Mega Kitchen model. This is the most powerful one and it functions as both a blender and a food processor. And right now the official website is running a great promotion, you save up to $59. Find out more in my Ninja Mega Review!

The best thing is that it costs the same as the other big models when you buy it from the official website. As they are running a special promotion right now, I urge you to hurry up before the deal closes and the price returns to normal…

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