Nutribullet vs Ninja blender – Which Mixer Is The Best?

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Let me guess, you are looking for a good single-serving blender to help you make delicious healthy smoothie on a go? That’s why you’re trying to find out which one will be the winner; NutriBullet vs Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500? That’s what you’re about to find out from this article.. so read on…

Ninja Vs Nutribullet Overview

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Why Do We Spend Hundred of Dollars on a Blender?

ninja vs nutribullet

In addition to original Greek yogurt and bread sticks, vegetable shakes and fruit smoothies have been noted as essential parts of healthy diet and weight loss plans. In order to achieve the smooth, cool and drinkable consistency needed to make these healthy drinks, you will need a rather powerful blender. Ideally, it would be easy to operate and easy to clean – all for convenience sake.

In recent years this type of blender, particularly the ones that offer the single-serving option, has become more easily available; two of the more popular products being the Ninja Mega Blender and the Nutribullet Blender.

Each of these pro-blenders have above average ratings from users. As these each have significant differences, it is advised that consumers purchase the product to identify which blender is more suited to your lifestyle and blending needs.

The Ninja Mega and Nutribullet blenders are available both online and at different kitchen appliance stores. You can also find them at affordable prices in different department stores.

But before you go off and buy one, finish reading the upcoming Ninja Vs Nutribullet reviews here first…


The Nutribullet Blender

The Nutribullet Blender is an affordable blender/mixer combo which promises to bring both power and efficiency to your kitchen and cooking. It  is more suitable if you don’t normally make large potion of food or more than 1 serving. Its 600 watt motor is built to be durable, and effective while its extractable blades allow you to produce smooth and delicious food from many different types of ingredients, including fruit and vegetables.

ninja or nutribullet

Product Components

When purchasing the Nutribullet will present with the following components:

  • 1 power base
  • 1 tall cup
  • 2 short cups
  • 1 flat blade
  • 1 emulsifying blade
  • 2 re-sealable lids

Furthermore, the box will contain a pocket nutritionist handbook, as well as a manual with healthy recipes that can be used as an introduction to the Nutribullet blender.

nutribullet or ninja

If you are looking to save money by purchasing a second-hand Nutribullet, you should always check which cups and accessories are available with the item being bought.

The Power Base

The core of the Nutribullet’s functioning is its durable power base. This power base is convenient, efficient and easy to use. It involves a one-touch activation feature – all you need to do is place the Nutribullet blender on the power base and press down.

On the other hand this reduces its functionality. Compared with the Ninja blender that can blend and chop the Nutribullet can only really make smoothies.


nutribullet versus ninja

The Nutribullet Blades

There are two different types of Nutribullet blades available as part of the blender package – the flat blade and the extractor blade. The flat blade is best used for grinding ingredients such as herbs, spices, coffee and nuts. It is also perfect for milling different types of grains.

ninja vs bullet

The extractor blade is generally to finely blend ingredients producing results of a very smooth consistency. This type of blade will whirl itself around stems, skins and seeds. Both the flat and extractor blade are made of stainless steel and remain sharp without need for maintenance.

The Nutribullet Cups

There are two different types of Nutribullet cups available as part of the blender package – the tall and the short or small cup. The smaller or shorter cup is best used for measuring small amounts or single servings.

nutribullet pro 900 accessories

Some of these smaller cups do not have handles; but in some instances the comfortable lip rings do have attached handles making them ideal for entertaining. If you prefer the handle, the comfortable lip ring is available as an additional component and can purchased separately.

The taller Nutribullet cup is generally used for smoothies and to measure greater amounts of dip or other food products.

The Lids

Often Nutribullet users will have leftovers that are just too good to waste – if this is the case, then the re-sealable Nutribullet lids can be used to keep the items fresh for future enjoyment. These lids can be used with both tall and short cups.

Cleaning and Keeping the Nutribullet

The Nutribullet blender is dishwasher-safe, and also children-safe having a non-slip base that keeps it from falling off any counter tops should little hands tug on it. Just remember, that the power base shouldn’t be placed in water.


The Nutribullet’s warranty is only 1 year. Now with a 1 year warranty you have to wonder what the quality of the product is, don’t you think? Products with long warranties are known to use better components so that they don’t break. Whereas a short warranty tells you that the product might break soon so you have to buy a new one.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500 blender

The Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500 watts blender provides the home kitchen with a professional quality blender. Although the cost is more …what you pay for is going to be more than worth it. The  additional accessories like food processor and chopper as well as the 5 year warranty (available as a special promotion when you buy through the link below…) is more than worth it!

the Ninja Blender Reviews

The Ninja’s extensive capacity and sheer power at 1500 watts exceeds the Nutribullet’s 600-watt output. This makes it a more powerful blender which offers smoother consistency of the food (smoothie, pureed sauce, etc) in a matter of seconds.

It also comes with a 72 oz capacity pitcher which can be used for larger recipes. The Ninja pulses, beats, blends and chops at three different speeds.

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The Mega Ninja Blender Components

ninja blender bl770

There are four main components that come with the Ninja Mega Blender:

  • The blades
  • The base
  • A food processor bowl
  • Pitcher
  • 2 single-serve cups with lids

The unit has a simple construction, which makes for easy operation and cleanup.

An XL Pitcher

The Ninja blender comes with a 72-oz pitcher. It can hold either 9 cups worth of liquids or plenty of other ingredients. The pitcher is damage resistant and solid. It should last for several years. There is a blender lid on the Ninja BL770 blender that locks into place to prevent leakage and spills.

which is better nutribullet or ninja

The Ninja Bullet Single Serve Cups

The Ninja also comes with 2 single-serve cups which function just like the Nutribullet. You can easily make on the go smoothies with the Ninja.

Food Processor

What really makes the Ninja Mega Kitchen System standout is that you also get a food processor when you buy it. This means that you can use the Ninja for all your chopping, shredding and blending needs. You can even make ice cream with it and for almost the same price as the Nutribullet.

Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500 Base

The Ninja Mega Kitchen base is central to the entire system. There is a pulse feature and three speed settings.

ninja mega kitchen base

Where the Nutribullet only has one activation button, the Ninja has three options. Some people say that only having one option makes the Nutribullet easy and simple to use. My opinion is that if you can’t handle three speeds on a blender then you shouldn’t be in a kitchen!

It is these extra speeds that lets you make ice cream, mix dough and chop vegetables with the Ninja. You are getting a complete kitchen system with the Ninja vs Nutribullet’s simple smoothie making.

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How well does the Ninja Mega Kitchen Blender Blend?

It blends extremely well!

At 1500 watts, the blender has incredible power. It can pulverize virtually anything you would like it to, and do it very quickly. However, this isn’t the only thing this machine can do. Although it can grind anything into a complete pulp, it has a gentler touch that can be used as well, should you need that.

ninja bl770 mega kitchen system

The powerful motor inside the base helps to ensure that any amount of fruits, greens or other ingredients are easy to blend. Users can also choose blending that is more vigorous when they are looking for a shake-like consistency.

A different setting can be used for chopping vegetables inside the blender when making salsa, soup or appetizers. This is a very efficient and tough appliance.

It only takes a few seconds to make a smoothie with an almost juice like consistency. On this the Ninja is comparable with the Nutribullet they both make great smoothies.

Ninja Blender Blades

The six blades that come with the Ninja mixer are made out of stainless steel and don’t ever have to be sharpened. They move very quickly, effectively blending and churning the ingredients. Even powdered or finally shaved snow from ice chunks or ice cubes can be created.

Safety Features

There is a cord storage area that comes with the Ninja food blender. When not using the blender, the cord can be tucked away safely and offers a more family-friendly and attractive look.

The non-slip base helps to minimize the chances of the blender sliding off a kitchen island or counter. There is also a safety lock on the blender, which is an important feature for parents with small children.


It is very easy to wipe the base down when it gets dirty. The other parts can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.


The Ninja blender comes with 5 years warranty, which is good in my opinion. The company has faith in its products and 5 years is great life span for a kitchen appliance you use daily. To a full warranty you have to buy the Ninja from an authorized seller or from their own web shop, this is also where you get the best price.

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NutriBullet vs Ninja Conclusion

single serving smoothie blender

After having read many other Nutribullet vs Ninja reviews and combing with my personal experience I’ve come up with this conclusion;

Consumers who are on diet, or who would like to introduce healthy smoothies and shakes into their diet, need to invest in a powerful blender. The Nutribullet offers a compact and sleek blending solution that works well for making smoothies and not much else.

The Nutribullet also only have 1 year warranty which tells us the company don’t expect it to last too long. Compare this with the Ninja’s 5 year warranty and you know which one has the best quality, right?

With the Ninja kitchen system you also get extra power, a bigger size pitcher for large families or groups of friends who want to make bigger servings, as well as 2 single-serving containers.

There are extra accessories that come with the Ninja blender as well, such as two kinds of blades, lids and a food processor, which makes this a very versatile blender.

My recommendation is that you buy the Ninja Mega blender because it gives you so much more for just a little higher price. The Ninja comes with many more functions and a 5 year warranty. The warranty is exclusively available if you make your purchase on their Ninja Official website. The link is below!

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