Ninja vs Vitamix – Which One Should You Go for?

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Two of the leading high-powered blenders on the consumer market today are the Vitamix 5200 and Ninja Mega Kitchen System. Similar features are offered by both of them. However, there are some key factors that also differentiate these two blenders. We took a closer look at the Ninja vs Vitamix and discovered the main advantages as well as disadvantages of each one.

Vitamix Vs Ninja Overview

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Vitamix vs Ninja professional blender
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Vitamix Vs Ninja BL771 (1500 watts) Review

Ninja Blender vs Vitamix – The Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500 and the Vitamix 5200 are two of the more well-known blenders available in today’s market. Usually, Vitamix is compared to Blendtec and the Ninja is compared to NutriBullet. However, this time we will be comparing Ninja Mega Kitchen System vs Vitamix 5200.

The blenders are in different price classes. The Ninja Blender is a lot less expensive than the Vitamix. You save almost $300 when you buy the Ninja, so the question is, is the Vitamix really worth those extra $300?

The Ninja and Vitamix both blend vegetables, make sauces, juices and smoothies, crush ice and even make ice cream. The blending outcome by both blenders is very similar.

With that said, there are some features that might make one perform better than the other. Here is a comparison of the Vitamix vs Ninja blender.

Blending Power: Vitamix versus Ninja

vitamix vs ninja

  • Ninja: 1500 watts
  • Vitamix: 1380 watts

As can be seen from the information provided above, the Ninja has more Watts compared to the Vitamix. So what does that mean? Just that the Ninja mixer is slightly more powerful than the Vitamix.


  • The Ninja Blender can run at a maximum of 24,000 RPMs.
  • Vitamix runs at a maximum of 37,000 RPMs.

ninja professional blender vs vitamix

The speed of both the Ninja and Vitamix blenders allows them to perform very well and on a large scale basis. They can perform many more tasks than normal blenders can.

The Ninja has 3 set speeds. Speed 1 is for dough making, Speed 2 is for blending and Speed 3 is for crushing ice. To me the three speed levels are enough and makes it very simple and easy to use.

With that said, if you are serious with your cooking or if you’re a professional chef then, the Vitamix has a little bit more options to offer. It offers 10 speed levels which will provide more specific blending power customized to your need for certain recipes.

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The Vitamix blenders offer a 7-year warranty that covers everything. This great a long warranty shows that a company have trust in their quality takes responsibility for their product.

The Ninja blender company offers a 5 year warranty which also shows that they have great trust in there products. (You get the full warranty and special $25 gift card from as long as you buy directly from an authorized vendor. The 5 year warranty is for Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500 watts only).


The Blender’s Blades

ninja blender blades

Ninja blender blades

The six-blade tower attachment found on the Ninja Professional is excellent. The stainless-steel blades are very sharp, and alternate for better blending.

It is this unique design that allows the Ninja to make extra smooth smoothies. If want it make the smoothies almost juice like while keeping all the healthy fibers from the fruits and vegetables. As an added bonus, it’s detachable and very easy to clean.

ninja blender vs vitamix

Vitamix blades

The Vitamix use a classic design for its blades. These are also made of stainless steel and are laser-cut. Two of the blades are sharp cutting blades, but the other two are blunt blades.

When you compare the blades of the Vitamix vs Ninja Mega blender you find that both do a great job. But the unique tower design of the Mega Ninja really takes blending to a new level. It will give your smoothies a creamy (almost juice like) consistency, what more could you ask for?

The Practicality And Convenience Of The Containers

Ninja blenders have excellent containers that are BPA-free. There are a number of useful containers available in the Ninja Mega Kitchen System, including single serving containers, a larger 72 oz. pitcher, and a 40 oz. bowl. It even has a container that can be used for peanut butter.

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With Ninja Mega Kitchen blender, you also have the option of making a single-serving smoothie on a go like Nutribullet. The single-serving blending jar can be flipped after the smoothie is done, then you can just drink it on a go or put the lid on to bring it with you for later.

vitamix ninjavitamix compared to ninja

With Vitamix, the blender comes with different blender containers for you to choose. However, the single-serving container is not available.

The Cleaning Process

One of the best things about both these blenders is how easy they are to clean. As mentioned above, the blade attachment for the Ninja can be removed and place in the dishwasher for extremely easy cleaning. While this isn’t an option for the Vitamix, it’s still easy to get it clean.

Simply blend for approximately 10 seconds with a mix of warm water and detergent. After that, give it a good rinse and hand wash it. That’s all it takes. This cleaning method works for the Ninja as well but I recommend the dishwasher option as it saves time.

Which One Should You Buy?

If the extra 10 speed level are important to you and if you’re really serious with your cooking, then the $500 Vitamix blender can be worth the extra cost. It’s a high quality blender, just make sure you use all its features.

If you’re like me and like to make smoothies, ice cream, soups and more then the Ninja Mega Kitchen blender is a great choice. It does the same job as the Vitamix and at fraction of the cost.

When you decide to buy the Ninja Mega Kitchen System, be sure to buy from the authorized vendor to get the 5 year warranty that’s exclusively available there.

the Ninja Blender Reviews

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